Frequent Questions

Having an issue with installation? Maybe you just have a question about our mod? Find all the answers in our FAQ.

General Questions

What is Podcrash+

Podcrash+ is a Minecraft add-on that can significantly boost FPS, improve your gameplay experience, and serve as an AntiCheat to make sure everyone is playing fair.

Why should I use Podcrash+?

Podcrash+ offers many features to enhance your game and give you the edge in any competitive environment. It also offers an FPS boost to make your game smoother, or a completely customizable HUD to make your game as attractive as possible. Using Podcrash+ is also a way of proving you are not cheating too other players, which comes in handy for highly competitive PVP games such as Invicta’s Conquest or Hypixel’s Cops and Crims.

What is Podcrash+ compatible with?

Our mod can install itself over your favorite MC versions, such as: Vanilla, OptiFine, 5zig, and Forge! We currently support 1.7.10, 1.8.8, 1.8.9, and 1.9

How do I install Podcrash+?

Simply visit our download page , download the .jar file, then run it to see our friendly installer. If you need more help, read our installation instructions

Does Podcrash+ really boost my FPS?

Yes. Our developers have created a 100% customizable FPS boosting feature that lets you enable/disable aspects of Minecraft that can almost double your FPS.

What features does Podcrash+ have?

We’ve added many features to make your game more competitive and enjoyable. This list includes some infamous features such as:

  • BetterHitreg
  • NoServerResourcePack
  • Arrow Trails
  • EnemyReachDisplay
How does the AntiCheat work?

One of our goals is to ensure fair play. Podcrash+ has many measures to prevent cheating, and with our advanced detection methods, we catch or prevent 99% of hacks, such as auto clickers, XRay, injections, and more. Our staff team is constantly monitoring and banning cheaters from our system.

How much RAM should I allocate?

4 GB of RAM is standard to have the best performance, however, if your machine has any less you should allocate half of your RAM to Podcrash+

How do I use the custom HUD?

Hit J then click the + above your Hotbar.

How do I change the background theme on my game?

Open the UI, and change the Background Theme option from Waterfall to whatever else you prefer (None for no theme).

Common Installation Errors

Podcrash+ isn’t working as a forge mod!

A common misconception is that Podcrash+ is a forge mod. Podcrash+ is completely independent of any mod API such as Liteloader and Forge, and all you need to do is run the .jar file to open up our installer which does all the work for you.

My Togglesprint is bugged!

Make sure you’re not using any other Togglesprint Mod (f.e. OrangeSimpleMod, ToggleSneak) or LabyModv2.

I keep crashing!

Make sure you aren’t installing over LabyMod, Labymod has broken support for Podcrash

If you are using other mods with it, try removing them all and adding back one by one to see what breaks compatibility.

I can't open the .jar I downloaded?

Your machine probably isn’t using Java to run the jar, and is trying to run it with something else. First, make sure you have Java installed. You can check this by going into your system settings and verifying that a ‘Java’ application is there (Windows: Control Panel->Java, OSX: System Preferences->Java, *nix: Terminal->java -version).


If Java is not present, install Java from here or using a package manager such as aptitude or pacman with the address default-jre.

Java is present and you are on windows, can run this application Download here to fix your problem.

After running that, try re-running the Podcrash+ installer jar. It should open fine.


If you are on OSX, first put the .jar file in your Downloads or another folder which you know. Go to your Applications and run Terminal. Then, in Terminal, type the following then hit enter:

java -jar ./Downloads/Podcrash+_b1.4-Installer.jar


If it says something along the lines of Java is not installed, rerun the installer linked above.

If you put the .jar file in a directory that is different from Downloads, change the Downloads to whatever folder you put it in.

On *nix systems such as Linux and Solaris, go to Terminal and run chmod +rwx ./Downloads/Podcrash+_b1.4-Installer.jar (assuming the .jar is in your Downloads and you are running from ~), then run java -jar ./Downloads/Podcrash+_b1.4-Installer.jar.

Internet explorer is opening the jar and it just keeps re-downloading itself!

Your machine probably isn’t using Java to run the jar, download and run this application: Download here

Tips and Tricks

These are a collection of tips that have been suggested by the Podcrash+ community. These are not all officially supported by us, and may not work for you. 

Improving performance on Linux

Recommended by | John |#8655

Running this command on Linux has shown to stabilize performance on some PCs. This will typically stop drops of FPS rather than improving FPS.

sudo renice -20 -p $(pidof java)

Can’t find an answer?

Our community discord is full of players of Podcrash+ like you, join it, and ask your question and a member of our community or one of our helpful support staff will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!